Club Car Rental, established in Antalya in 1997 and grew rapidly thanks to the understanding of service and elite in Turkey has become an institution.

Our site, for people who want to rent a car over the internet easy, safe and prepared to provide fast reservations.

We, we could respond to her needs are simple and understandable but also tried to prepare as functional. Our questions are answered 24 hours a day you think you can get support to reach customer service. To reach our customer service section of our site on-line-communication can send messages or +90 (242) 227 17 08 no phone with our customer service at any time can get to.

Who want to make the best innovative and our service is increasing the number of satisfied customers every day. Naturally, as a result of Turkey in the number of services that the office is increasing every day ..

In three steps with our site, fast and secure reservation prices when the most appropriate tools to ensure our essential purpose. Prices are not appropriate according to other companies we believe can report the situation by calling our customer service. Customer services, you need to help ease the desire to provide competent and have the person.

To give our customers the best service always aims to achieve this objective, we in our every day to provide more quality services are delivered.

Best price for the best service with understanding Club Rent a Car in technology and developments in the sector, we are not quick to offer structure, the new fleet and the variety, quality and reliability continuously renews itself as a company our valuable clients to serve her time will be happy

Rent a Car Thanks for choosing us on your needs.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe trips.

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